Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Enjoy it whilst it lasts

Training so far has been going well. Okay, except for a little blip in a 3week vacation... but other than that in the last month I have reached the great heights of a 15mile run (granted, it was by accident – blethering + running = danger); conquered my half marathon PB in an 'easy' training run; ran through all the elements (including 'monsoon' and temperatures so low my hair froze in a 'Something About Mary' stylee); been chased by dogs / squrrels / birds; and ran down the Switchback dressed as a Christmas elf. The marathon will be easy in comparison ;-)

Well the marathon programme official start date is Monday 4 January... and then the fun stops. Ho hum. So until then I shall be enjoying my new-found lightweight status this festive season before the hard work really begins.

Merry Christmas! xx

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