Wednesday, 17 February 2010

even rocky gets ill

Another two weeks of training highs and lows have passed. Reached close to 17miles on my last long run and my body is adjusting to the longer distances (as Anna noted 'you don't moan much' – thanks!). Had a lovely run out on the West Highland Way, and I'll be sure to return here again for longer runs – not only because its very pretty and the routes interesting... but to be honest, its the lure of the hot chocolate and cake at the end. Obviously this indulgenece is just a once off to get the sugar levels back up ;-)

However, its not all been good...

I had tickets for the Kelly Clarkson gig on Thursday and was very much looking forward to a night out with the girls and the awesome Kelly. Gave up my precious Wednesday rest night for a tempo run in order to allow the time off. However... I caught the sickness bug that's sweeping its way through Garscube Harriers. Thursday and Friday were not happy times - confined to the flat I felt very sorry for myself. By the weekend I was mobile again and myself & Alan decided to go a walk up at Balmaha... Alan and his gammie leg and sickly me – we were slower than pensioners. So needless to say I had to forgo the long run this weekend.

Now appear to be getting back on track – an easy run on Monday and then survived Stevies short rep/speed session last night and not too concerned about the missed miles at the moment.

Also the sponsorship campaign is gaining strength... A pancake sale and competition for the works 'Biggest Tosser' added £74 to the pot. Thanks to all that helped out! What will Easter bring... hmm :-)

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