Wednesday, 3 March 2010

bring back Enthusiastic Emma!

Well last Wednesday the massage appeared to have worked a treat and I was back on from for my evening 7mile run. Despite the elements being completely against me I made it home from the office in a personal best - now this could have been down to the mentality of 'the quicker you move, the quicker you'll be warm and dry'. My colleagues in work now seriously doubt my sanity as I plodded my way home along icy, snowy streets and against that horizontally falling ice/rain/sleet/snow (only in Scotland). Thursday followed on with a nice easy 9.5miles with the club and was well rested on Friday in advance of Saturdays long run.

However I blew this good preparation when I offered to assist at the Dunbartonshire Schools XC at Mugdock. Given the job as 'last runner' I thought I was going to have it easy. No such luck - thanks to the S1-S2 group for keeping me digging in the whole way round!! Following completion of my duties, I started my 18mile, solo run from Mugdock, working back towards Yoker (via the reservoir, twice, and Maryhill Rd / canal). I knew it would be tough - going it alone for 18miles, when I'm accustomed to some company to keep me motivated along the way. But when my watch battery died after mile #1, I knew I was in for it. No music, no chat and no distraction of watching the miles tick past. Enthusiastic Emma left the building. I did make it round the 18miles (+the cross country before, taking it up to 20, if that counts??) but was reduced to a wimpy shuffle for the last few miles as my muscles tightened up. Woe is me.

Back for another sports massage on Monday. Thankfully no screaming or tears to report this week. I'm told the pain I am getting around my hip/lower back is the pesky LAT muscle. Paul at Garscube tells me the LAT could really help me in London - London Area Transport would get me round the marathon a whole lot quicker! Apparently the muscles in this area are tightening during long runs in particular as I am getting lazy. Hmm, never thought I'd be classed as 'lazy' for running (/shuffling) 18miles ;-)

Swimming on Sunday, hills with the club last night and a whole lot of stretching in between. Pleased to say I've made it over half way and with just under 8 weeks to go 'til D-Day I think I'm on track... or hope. Fingers crossed the next 8 weeks go to schedule with a few less tears, screams, aches and general moaning - I'll be happy, and no doubt will everyone else without having to suffer it!

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