Tuesday, 6 April 2010

lets see what this taper things all about then

Another week of training completed, including the final long run before I start this thing called 'taper'. I'm quite looking forward taper - the thought of sleeping more, eating more and running less is quite exciting - I hope it offers everything it promises!

21miles finished on Saturday. With it being Easter weekend, my original plan was twice round Cumbrae since we would be in Millport anyway... but the the more I thought about this plan, the more I thought TWICE round Cumbrae may be the worst idea ever, setting me off on another low... or worse, giving up after the first lap, somewhere around the sweetie shop no doubt... Decided a run in Glasgow would be a better move before heading doon water.

Saturday morning and it was bucketing down (seriously, what did I expect, its Easter weekend!) After too much partying the night before, Steve called off on me, and I'd already missed the Garscube ladies who were starting at first light. It was looking like I would be going it alone... until Martin & Anna came to the rescue and from their hungover state agreed to join me mid-way (seriously, was everyone out on Friday night except me?!). 13miles up and over Duntocher on my own, then 5miles with Martin & Anna... who then decided to stick with me for my final 3miles home... thank you so much :-) I'm not sure if I would have made it home safely without my two stewards - running long distances does make your head go a bit fuzzy and traffic becomes a problem (or maybe more I become a problem / hazard for traffic?). Very pleased to have made it round the 21... 5.2 more to add to that in a couple weeks time - the crowd better have some good banter to keep me going!

A celebratory drink was in order on Saturday night - think I managed three ciders before it got a bit hazy :-S But still made it up and out for a four mile recovery run on a sunny, Sunday morning (followed by compulsory Millport sweetie shop ice-cream - summer has landed!)

Other than that I did 7miles on Tuesday (quite an effort, given the torrential rain and gales - lovely), core session on Wednesday and club tempo 7.5miles on Thursday.

And on the sponsorship front, the latest drive has brought out the generosity in all as I've went from 44% complete to 91%. Part of that is due to blackmail... but the 'sponsor-me-get-free-Easter-cake' worked a charm! Thank you so very much to everyone who has kindly donated, it really does remind me why I'm doing this mad challenge in the first place.

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