Wednesday, 24 March 2010

ice ice baby

After hearing so many positive reports on the good an ice bath can do for you, I decided it was about time I tried one myself. Paula Radcliffe and any of the marathon training books promote this as a way to help the small tears in your muscles, that you get from long runs, repair themselves quicker.

So taking this advice on board after a 20mile run, I filled the bath with freezing cold water. My Garscube friend, Charlotte's, tip was to keep a jumper on and take a cup of tea in with you to sip on, and don't move once your in. The cup of tea had me sold. I gingerly dipped my toe in and then went the whole way. Holey moley. Stating the obvious, it was freezing! Lucky if I lastest 15seconds, and probably couldve did myself more damage trying to get back out as quickly as possible! I may be a wimp, but after enduring 20miles of running, I figure, why oh why would you want to punish yourself even more?! Its warm bubble baths for me from here on in, I deserve it :-)

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