Monday, 12 April 2010

running actually made me cry

Now I'm full swing into this taper, its hit home how close this marathon is - too close (I blatantly have too much time to be thinking with all this time saved not running). With the exception of a few aches and pains, lots of moans and groans, and the 'Fin Flu' of week 6, the training has went relatively smoothly.

Now with under two weeks left, my hormonal peaks and troughs are probably worse than that of both my pregnant friends, Jenny & Gillian (FYI - no I am not pregnant!!). Moods range from stressed, to excited, to nervous, to weepy... and that's just in a 5minute spell. I found myself welling up at my desk in the office this morning just watching someones marathon video from London last year. Rocky's not meant to cry, suck it up Ralston. (though even Rocky did have a minor lapse in Rocky 3, I'm led to believe... so that makes it okay). Good luck living with me for the next two weeks Alan :-)

Sponsorship drive is going amazingly well and thanks again to everyone who has donated.... For those who haven't there is still time!

1 comment:

  1. Tell Alan the mood swings are good preparation for marriage :-)

    Can you believe it's NEXT WEEK?!? The best races are the ones you look forward to, so get excited.

    London mara is the best experience ever! And you will be truly bubbling like a baby at the end.

    Debs xx