Monday, 19 April 2010

expect the unexpected

Got this card from Jenny & Craig (thanks guys) - don't think there is an event out there that Hallmark haven't thought of marketing! Awesome

First week of taper over... and less than one week left til D-Day. Been looking forward to taper for a while, thinking that by running less miles I would have all this lovely free time to enjoy... maybe, sit on the sofa and do, well, nothing. However, me, being me, its not quite panned out like that, filling my time with all the things I've not had time for in the last few planning, lunch with the girls, Louise's wedding invites, drawings for Walter, and of course, the next video installment... phew.

Tuesday did a 5mile marathon pace run, Thursday the club 8.5mile run with 4miles tempo (ahem *cough* 3mile... hey, I'm tapering, I'm allowed to ease off a little!), gym session with Jill on Wednesday and 8miles marathon pace on Sunday... then a whole lot of "rest" in between.

So the hard graft is over and now it's just up to my legs and mind to get me to that finish line... and with the help of Iceland, I might even make it to the start (seriously, planes grounded due to volcanic ash? It sounds like a plot from The Simpsons). Our trip to London may become a road trip [woohoo!] yet.... This Glaswegian sums up the situation eloquently...

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