Thursday, 22 April 2010

the uncontrollable factors - planes, rains... and runny noses

Looks like I will make it to the start on Sunday after all, thanks to the re-opening of UK airspace... now just got to hope the flights are back on schedule by Saturday. If not, the road trip Plan B is in place (well, if a guy can drive from Stuttgart to get to the Lochaber marathon last weekend, I can't really complain about a potential measly 7hour drive!).

Well I have never believed BBC weather, dating back to its pessimistic T-in the Park forecasts... but when the trusty MetCheck predicted snow/sleet for Sunday 25th in the forecast last week, I thought surely not... Now its properly about-turned and the weather is looking to be a hot 20degrees. Okay, so its not quite tropical, but its worryingly toasty for a peely-wally Scot whose trained through icy temperatures, rain, hail, sleet and snow! Ah well, at least it'll be a nice

Currently battling the paranoia cold - a nose running faster than my wee legs and swollen glands. Ho hum. But thanks to the my ADF girls and Tracey's husband Billy, I should be alright for the big day... or at least high on vitamin C!

The third video is now on youtube - an expose on what its like to be Emma Ralston. Another humiliation thanks to Fi MacD... seems to have works though - sponsorship has rocketed! thanks :-)

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