Monday, 5 July 2010

just to confirm, i am alive

Firstly, my sincere apologies for how long I have left it since my last blog update. I appreciate I have left you hanging (did Emma finish the London marathon? Is she still out there now? Or is she just drunk?). Yes, I did indeed make it over that finish line in London, and wow, what an experience. Completing in a respectable 04:03:10... race report and some pictures will eventually follow! (just so you know how hard I worked for all that sponsorship!)

Since the marathon, there was a period of contemplation / feeling sorry for myself and generally avoiding anything running/exercise-related. May brought a lovely weekend away with the Garscube lot training up in Aberfoyle and the annual West Highland Way relay at the end of the month. I have been using the marathon as an excuse to get out of any form of training / racing - totally acceptable for my non-running friends, but for those who do run... simply not good enough! So what if myself & Jill decide to take our leg of the WHW relay as a wee excuse for a blether and a nice walk? Do I really have to give an excuse as to why I don't want to run round two laps of an industrial estate namely the Clydebank 10k?? Succumbing to pressure, I did drag myself round the Dumbarton 10k at the start of June - surprisingly in 46:57, only 30seconds slower than my best last year. So it's not all bad!

Now I'm back training again I feel its about time I get my act together and get this blog back on the go. After a run through some of the dodgiest streets in Glasgow with the club on Thursday (that certainly forces you to do some speed-work!), it was off to Millport for the weekend. 11ish miles round the island on Saturday. First five miles were fantastic - I felt great, lovely day, the wind in my hair... ah bliss... then I turned the corner past the ferry slip and my little body was almost swept out to sea - for every two steps forward, it was one step back. Lovely! Had planned to do a few miles on Sunday before we left - however when I awoke to a Winters morning and the prospect that the ferries may be cancelled due to extreme weather conditions, I made a swift retreat back to bed...
No marathons planned for the foreseeable, but I'll do my best to keep the blog updated with more ramblings of a runner in deepest darkest Glasgow... and hopefully have some improved results to report towards the end of the year.


  1. Phew! I'm glad you're still alive, as I was starting to get a bit worried :-)

    After our chat on Thursday...what about the Paisley 10K? Makes the route through Maryhill seem positively scenic.

    See you tonight? I know. Me? At Tuesday speed session.

    Debs xx

  2. I think the Paisley 10k is the same day as my cousins wedding... and we get back from hol at middnight the night before!

    Tuesday speed session? What were you thinking woman! ;-) I'm at my parents this week, dog-sitting so won't be at mon or tues, but hope to make it thurs xx